The 3 Ps of Pregnancy

This is workshop 2 of 3 to help keep you fit and healthy during pregnancy through safe exercise.


Workshop 2: PROTECT

Building on your knowledge from the first workshop, we will work more closely on engaging the core muscles in a safe way. This is essential during pregnancy to ensure your baby is protected throughout pregnancy, to minimise diastasis recti and to help your core muscles recover more quickly post-partum. All exercises will be fully safe for pregnancy.

Workshop 3: PREPARE

Your body and baby will go through stressful periods during labour so ensuring you are fit and healthy for this time is essential. Getting your heart rate up a little bit is completely safe during pregnancy, think of it as test runs for the impending contractions of labour! Workshop 3 will help to prepare you for the birth and life post-birth. We will work on full-body strength to help with all-over fitness for birth and also post-birth to ensure you are fit and strong enough to carry your new addition around.

  • Sunday 26th April 2020
  • 13:00 - 15:00
  • Sarah Caven
  • £30New Energy Fitness members save £5