Terms & Conditions

Welcome to New Energy Fitness. Our aim is to offer a flexible and fair membership policy to enable you to get maximum enjoyment and fulfilment from using our facilities. The terms and conditions of your membership are set out below.

These terms and conditions form the basis of your agreement with New Energy Fitness. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to one of the team.


Members must keep New Energy Fitness updated with any change in their contact details and any health concerns in order that we can assess accurately your suitability to take part in particular forms of exercise.

We will keep confidential any personal information that you give to us and we will comply with relevant data protection legislation. We will only make your information available to those fitness professionals involved in your exercise programme.

The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the gym or classes.

Membership and Payment

Your membership commences with effect from the date set out on your membership application form.

Your joining fee and first month’s payment will be taken immediately upon joining, this is not refundable. Your membership runs on a rolling monthly basis from the date you joined and will be automatically renewed upon receipt of payment for the following month.

Payments will be taken on either the 1st or the 15th of each month via Direct Debit using the bank details you have provided us with. Direct Debits require a minimum of one week to set up.

We process Direct Debits through a third party who manage transactions on our behalf. If we are unable to take payment by Direct Debit we will contact you to arrange alternative means of payment to bring your account up to date. You must make this payment within one week of being contacted by us or your membership will be automatically suspended until all arrears are cleared.

In the absence of payment within the above mentioned time frame you will not be entitled to use the gym facilities or attend classes until the payment has been made.

Freezing Your Membership

In certain circumstances we may agree, at our discretion, that it is appropriate for you to suspend your membership (e.g. injury, working abroad, any other temporary life changes).

Please contact the gym in writing (via email to enquiries@newenergyfitness.co.uk to request this, setting out brief details of the circumstances. If agreed we will hold your membership for your return (minimum of 1 month, maximum of 6).

Please note, this is intended to assist members in exceptional, unforeseen circumstances and would not apply to routine events, for example absence due to holidays. There will be a monthly charge of just £10 instead of your usual membership fee.

We require 2 full weeks’ notice for this and cannot apply it retrospectively to an account. If agreed and your account is frozen, please notify us again in writing when you wish to resume your normal membership. There will be no additional joining fee upon resuming your membership.

You will not be entitled to use the gym or attend classes whilst your membership is frozen.


We require any membership cancellation to be in writing, either a letter or an email to enquiries@newenergyfitness.co.uk

Annual Members

If you are an annual member then your membership can only be cancelled at the end of that pre-paid period. We do understand however that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes prevent you from being able to use your membership and we therefore will consider requests for early termination of your membership at our discretion.

Monthly Members

We require one month’s notice in order to cancel your membership. Your membership will be terminated at the end of your next month’s membership following receipt of your notice of cancellation. For example, if your membership period is from 18th February to 17th March and you give us notice on 16th February then your membership will terminate with effect from 17th March. If, however, you give us notice on 20th February then your membership will terminate on 17th April.

If you do not give us ample notice, payment for that month will still be due and you are of course still able to access the facilities until the last day of your membership. Access will then be restricted from the following day and no further payment will be taken.

Any class credits accrued as part of your membership package will still be valid for 4 months after the last day of your membership.

We may cancel or suspend your membership by giving you one month’s notice. We may suspend your membership without giving notice in the following circumstances;

Fitness Classes

Classes will typically need to be booked in advance, however if at the time there is a place available, you are more than welcome to join in.

Members are asked to arrive at classes no later than 5 minutes before the class is due to begin. If you are running late and the class has already started, more often than not you will be able to join in. However it is at the teacher’s discretion and sometimes a late entrant would prove to be disruptive to the flow of the class, especially if they are already past the warm-up.

If one of our classes is fully booked you will be added to the reserve list. We will contact you to offer you a place when we get a cancellation.

We ask that if you cannot make a class you please give us at least 12 hours’ notice. This allows us to give somebody else the opportunity to come along instead. Any cancellations given less than 12 hours in advance for a class will not be refunded or re-credited.

Health and Safety

When using the gym or participating in a class please follow any direction given by our fitness professionals. This especially relates to the safe use of equipment, proper implementation of an exercise or over-exercising. This is to help prevent injury and for the safety and enjoyment of everybody.

If you are unfamiliar with any item of gym equipment, exercise routine or fitness class you should seek the advice of one of our fitness professionals before proceeding. We do not accept responsibility for any injuries if you fail to seek appropriate advice or ignore any advice given.

You should only use the gym or attend classes if you are in a fit state to exercise and wearing appropriate attire. We reserve the right to refuse entry if, in our judgement, you are either unfit or inappropriately dressed.

We pride ourselves on our inclusive, friendly environment and we insist that all members conduct themselves in a respectful manner whilst using the facilities. Any member who acts in an intimidating, abusive, violent or disrespectful manner towards staff or other members may be asked to leave the building and have their membership revoked.

Car Park

Our car park is limited to staff only and we ask that members please refrain from parking in there.

Personal Possessions

We will not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of any property you bring onto our premises.

Please do not leave your possessions in a locker overnight as they will be emptied and anything remaining will be moved into lost property. We will retain all lost property for a maximum of two weeks before being donated to charity.


We do occasionally take photographs and record video, for promotional purposes, on the Gym floor and in the Studios. We will always make you aware of that at the time and will give you the opportunity to opt-out. Your comfort and enjoyment is the priority.

Personal Trainers and Therapists

Personal Trainers and Therapists operating out of New Energy are self-employed. Any service they provide is a contract between them and you and we cannot accept any responsibility in the event of a dispute or breach of contract. Please refer to their individual terms and policies where applicable.

No member may bring external Personal Trainers to New Energy or act as a Personal Trainer, paid or otherwise.

Membership Card

Please swipe your membership card every time you enter the building, either at the back door or at Reception. This helps us by letting us know who’s in the building at any given time. If you lose your membership card, we will replace it once free of charge. Subsequent replacement cards will incur a £3 charge.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.

New Energy Fitness Ltd,
Friary House,
36 Middle Brook Street,
SO23 8DQ

01962 435064