Lorna Chapman’s Yoga Style

Lorna has drawn inspiration from a range of yoga styles, including Lyengar, Ashtanga, and Vini, leading her to develop her own style of Hatha Yoga Flow.

Her classes focus on linking postures fluidly from one to another, using the breath as a guide. Specific Pranayama (breathing) exercises are included at the beginning and / or end of classes. All sessions end with short relaxation in Savasana (lying down).

People of all ages and abilities are welcome in the class and she will consider your individual needs by adapting postures accordingly.


Vinod Bhalla’s Yoga Style

Hatha Yoga promotes good health. In my session you will learn how to relax, how to breathe correctly and deeply (so that more oxygen is taken into the body) and learn the yoga postures. 

You do not need to be flexible to do the postures as yoga is non-competitive, you do them as far as your body will go, feeling a stretch but not strain. There is a warm up before we do the postures. You will use the abdomen to breathe deeply and yoga relaxation is a complete letting go. When you relax completely, you regain physical and mental energy and sense a feeling of peace.

Beginners are welcome and anybody can do yoga from the age of 5 to 100 years.


Judith Davis' Yoga Style

Judith’s heartfelt teaching threads the postures onto the breath, creating a dynamic flow of movement bringing strength, release, rejuvenation and deep relaxation to body mind and soul! Each class starts with some breathing exercise to bring focus to the mind, followed by a physical practice designed to tone the body and lower and raise the heart rate to bring heart rate variability resilience. Finally there are 10 minutes of guided meditative relaxation combined with pranayama (breathing exercises).

The teaching  helps relieve insomnia, back pain, stress, depression and anxiety … as well as bringing a zest for life and just being a great way to exercise and relax!!


Louisa Caine's Yoga Style

Yoga with Lou focuses on creating a balanced body and mind, helping you reach the next level, and change your outlook on health and life. All of Louisa's classes are mixed ability.


Price: £10 per class

Instructor: Lorna Chapman, Judith Davis, Vinod Bhalla and Louisa Caine

Duration:  75mins

Class Capacity:  10