Weekly Run Club

New Energy Running Group is a mixed ability group open to all, regardless of age, running experience or level of fitness. Sessions are supportive and fun and the aim is to build up running stamina and strength over the weeks, enabling every runner to improve and enjoy their running. Everybody is welcome to come along, although we'd recommend that you are comfortable with running 5k to get the most out of it.

The weekly sessions start and finish at the gym and are held outdoors, exploring the streets and trails of Winchester. They are a mix of running/walking with intervals, hills and speed work and are planned to challenge at every level. If you're a member then it can be included in your membership, if you're a non-member then you pay £5 on the day.

One-to-One Running Coaching at New Energy Fitness, Winchester

1:1 Running Coaching

Need a little extra feedback on your running or some extra encouragement? One-on-one sessions will be personalised to you, your level and your goal. So whether you’re just starting out or want a little more support working towards a race, I can help with that. I work both within the gym and outdoors and the key to all sessions is to sustain interest to encourage you to achieve your goal.

After our initial chat about your training background and aims, we will agree a time and a place to meet up for your first session. Your session will be designed to help you meet your long-term goal and will usually include running drills, interval training, stretches and some strength exercises. Guided runs are also a good option if you’re marathon training and finding it hard to motivate yourself on the longer runs or need new routes.

The number of sessions are up to you.

Running Technique Assessment at New Energy Fitness, Winchester

Technique Assessment

A comprehensive running analysis, our top to toe run technique assessment is designed to deliver the maximum impact on your running in the minimum time possible. I will lead you through a detailed running technique assessment, and guide you through the stretches, training routines and drills that can help you improve your running, whatever your starting point.


You’ll receive expert advice, 100% tailored to you, and all summarised in a personalised written report. The technique assessment is suitable for runners of all levels; ensuring beginners get off on the right foot, and helping more experienced athletes find those all important technique tweaks.

Online Coaching and Training Plans at New Energy Fitness, Winchester

Online Running Coaching and Training Plans

Tell me your goals and I’ll help you to stay on track and make them happen. This option is perfect for anyone working towards a goal race who wants a little more support and tailored training advice. If you’ve tried following an off-the-shelf training plan in the past and found you have trouble sticking to it, or you have a lifestyle that means regular training sessions are difficult to fit in, this option is perfect for you.

With online coaching, we’ll be in contact every week. You’ll tell me how your sessions have gone and I’ll adjust your training plans accordingly. We’ll have an initial meeting face to face or via email where you’ll tell me your goal and I’ll find out about your running and training history. This will give me a good idea of you as a runner, how you like to train, and how often. Setting a challenging but realistic goal is the next step and then we plan on how to get you there. Each week I’ll email you your training for the next seven days and, based on how your training is going, I’ll adapt your plan as the weeks progress. I’ll also be on hand to answer any questions you have, or for you to just share your experiences.

"When it was time for the first session in week 1, I must say I dreaded it. Before I had always tried to stay fit but running was my nemesis. I would always avoid the treadmill and never believed people who said they enjoyed running. Yet here I am only 8 weeks later, a running convert.

Thank you to Clare for your brilliant teaching, pushing us and making us feel proud of our achievement and to the rest of the group who have made it enjoyable and I look forward to seeing you all on a Thursday night!"