Have you ever had a niggle, that keeps coming back, despite what treatment you have tried? Do you constantly find you pull the same muscle when you increase your exercise?

More often than not our body is slightly lop sided, through lifestyle, doing things more on one side than the other. Day in day out getting out of the drivers side of a car, having a desk on a wall with the door of the room to one side, a dentist always sitting on the same side of a patient, playing tennis, carrying kids on one side of the hip. You may be able to think of something similar that applies to you. Over the years we compensate for tired muscles and sore joints, from whatever reason, and we get out of whack without realising, so then when we increase our exercise levels we find something starts to hurt without any real reason.

Biomechanics coaching addresses this issue, we look at the body as a whole before any injury and assess what is going on and try to pre-empt what injury or ache may occur, we look at genetic structures and imbalances caused by lifestyle.

The coach looks at the range of motion of the body in various actions and works out which precise part is restricted and what one should do about it. Continually avoiding addressing these imbalances prevents us from really progressing and likewise leaving it and then addressing the irritated area will not solve the root cause of the problem. The tests are all research based and many are used in physio or chiropractic practice after injury to see what is going on with the body. The innovation is using them before there is a problem to look at the body as a whole and how it is working.

The process consists of a 1 hour assessment most of which is passive to the client. It can be done at any stage in training, but ideally the sooner the better in order to get on with reaching your goals and including the remedial work in the training regime.