Samantha Crane
Personal Trainer

Samantha is a qualified teacher with a Masters Level Degree in Education. "I've always enjoyed helping people reach their potential".

A New Energy member from the beginning she is always ready for the next challenge. "I've been interested in a variety of fitness and have completed a marathon and swam in open water events as some of my many challenges over the years." On NEF: "I've loved joining a great team to share my fitness passion with enthusiastic Wintonians."

Enraptured from the moment she first tried a GRAVITY machine, Samantha was excited by its effectiveness. Why? The GRAVITY machine assists you more when you need it and less when you don't making it suitable for everyone from complete beginners to professional athletes.

It works for any goal; strength, flexibility, cardio health and functional fitness for everyday life. It allows you to build the strength to lift, push and pull your own body weight and beyond. You can sculpt, and mobilise your body without stressing your joints. Anyone of any age and shape can make rapid progress towards their goal, with this one machine.

Skilled in devising calorie torching, fun, and powerful spin classes; effective GRAVITY training sessions; and finding an intelligent way to help people reach their goals, Samantha is a trainer who can't wait to help you.

Anyone who watches Samantha taking part in fitness would be astounded that she had major hip surgery due to an inherited condition in 2013 and has hip arthritis. However, this gives her valuable insight into recovering from injuries and becoming stronger than ever, working around joint issues, and sympathy with anyone needing to rehab or work through their own long-term health conditions.

Her promise: "Fun and challenging for all, you'll leave my sessions with a smile on your face!"

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