Sam Parsons, Personal Trainer,  at New Energy Fitness

Sam Parsons
Personal Trainer

I have always been interested in health and fitness but after years of injuries, Pilates became the centrepiece of my training, helping me achieve far greater awareness of my own body, maintaining my tone, improving my focus, avoiding injury and improving my overall performance.

Pilates, through the Body Control PilatesĀ® method, has given me the pleasure to help not just high-level athletes, but also those seeking to enhance their quality of life and sense of wellbeing, offering a range of exercises tailored to their individual needs.

What I particularly like about Pilates is the functionality of applying Pilates principles to everyday activities and life.

It is my objective to help my clients achieve freedom of movement and mind. To achieve this I focus on teaching good movement patterns, correct posture and different breathing techniques. It is my belief that minds and bodies connect through movement.

My classes range from restorative sessions for people with lower back pain, health issues or those recovering from injury, to working with athletes aiming to improve their performance.

I love the energy and the flow of teaching mat classes in the studio and online but also love teaching on the specialised studio equipment, to develop better body awareness and help progress training quicker.