Rocky Penny
Personal Trainer

I'm a results driven Personal Health & Fitness Coach, with many years of extensive experience in helping clients from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals and build a healthier more driven future, through building the right level of motivation, and tailoring fitness programs to each individual. It inspires me to see my client break through their self-doubts, build in confidence and performance, with fitness making a real difference to their everyday lives. If you're new to the gym experience, or already a high performer looking to be stretched even further, I can tailor a plan specifically to your goals. No matter what level of fitness you are, your training will be fun, challenging, rewarding, and you will steadily grow in confidence and knowledge.

I develop programs for Sport Specific, Weight/Fat Loss, Muscle Gain / Body Conditioning and Cardiovascular development. For those wanting to push their fitness even further, my Hiit 800 and Kettlebell classes are extremely popular boosting personal performance. My own style of Olympic Bar lifting and HiiT style training has become high in demand, as this type of training delivers outstanding fat loss, muscular/strength conditioning and cardiovascular fitness.

For those looking for a new challenge or stress buster I also offer boxing coaching and fitness for both beginners and competitive boxers.

Make a change for the better.

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