Helen Moseley, Health & Fitness Director,  at New Energy Fitness

Helen Moseley
Health & Fitness Director

Helen has been transforming bodies and changing lives with incredible success over the last 23 years. Helen rounded approach has taken her from Personal Trainer to a sought after, respected health & wellbeing expert.

"I have a strong passion for health & fitness and a unique ability in helping people develop confidence. I believe that fitness is relative to the individual & whilst training needs to be effective, it also needs to be enjoyable. I have an interest in the areas of injury management & rehabilitation along with enhancing sports performance through resistance training. It's my philosophy that every person is different in the way we move, which should be reflected in the way we train."

Whether you are looking to transform your body for a special occasion, improve your fitness for a challenge that lies ahead, lose fat or simply want to gain a better quality of health by making positive changes to your lifestyle, Helen can provide the expertise to get you started.