Helen Ashcroft, Personal Trainer,  at New Energy Fitness

Helen Ashcroft
Personal Trainer

Hi I'm Helen and I'm here to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals!

Working with me as your personal trainer will allow you to achieve faster and better results. I will teach you safe and effective exercise techniques, give you new ideas to add variety to your workouts and increase your enjoyment of exercise!

Coming to the gym should be part of your week that your really look forward to, not that you dread. It's time for you and it should contribute to your overall happiness and wellbeing, so my sessions are tailored with that in mind.

So if your struggling to achieve your goals, get in shape or you have reached a plateau, my personal training sessions will help you get the results you want.

Goals we can focus on are weight loss, strength and fitness or even stress-relief and I can develop a strategy to to get you closer to achieving what you want. My aim is to provide the best fitness service possible to enable you to feel good and look great.

To guarantee the best results I work alongside you for a minimum of 8 weeks. The is the shortest time to realistically achieve measurable results. Training can take place at your home, gym or outdoors at location of your choice.

I am a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer specialising in fat loss and strength training; a fully qualified level 3 sports massage therapist specialising in sports and deep tissue therapy, providing advice on injury prevention and recovery to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you have a sports related or a lifestyle / occupational injury, I can help with any soft tissue or common orthopaedic condition. I also offer specialist pre and post natal training to help maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your pregnancy and to help with an easier birth.