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Hannah Fletcher
Massage Therapist

Helping people to achieve their best, happiest version of themselves is what motivates me.

My style of massage is culmination of over a decade of training and experience. What I find to be most effective is a blend of Advanced Clinical Massage with Warm Bamboo rollers. Our bodies are not just muscle and bone but also a lot of connective tissue which responds really well to heat. I believe there is plenty of gain to be achieved without pain.

Having spent 4 seasons working at one of the most exclusive ski chalets in the Alps I have plenty of experience of not only working with injuries but also offering the beneficial facial massage, Tsuboki, to ease away lifeís worries.

When Iím not massaging away your aches and tension Iím often practicing or teaching yoga, out running, bouldering or drinking tea.

Life offers so many wonderful opportunities, letís keep you primed to make the most of it!