Emma Westmacott
Biomechanics Trainer

Qualified Personal Trainer and Biomechanics Coach plus a Pilates Instructor and NLP Master Practitioner used in Sports Psychology.

"I believe in an all around approach to health and fitness. I have seen people embark on programs which they don't sustain. I get results through looking at the big picture and turning over all the stones. I start by addressing the body as it is and as it has developed through lifestyle, showing ways to correct muscular imbalances and avoid injury as exercise levels increase. I look at diet, strength and endurance as well as the mental approach and listen to what my clients like to do and what they want out of life. This is their dream not mine - I am here to help facilitate the journey."

Emma has worked in the industry since 1998 working overseas in Australia for the first 6 years of her career. She took to the Oceans for 10 years working in the Caribbean and USA and progressed to Yacht Racing and climaxed to 3 Around the World Racing campaigns. She still participates in yacht racing on the international circuit, and has been involved in the fitness training and nutrition advice for the teams. For more detailed information on Emma's skills and services, please visit her website www.biosphericperformance.com and take a look at her Facebook page - "Biospheric Performance" to get tips and ideas on healthy living.