Deborah Wilks
Moving Stretch Trainer

Walking Massage and Assisted Resistance Stretching

A session where resistance stretching session is combined with a walking massage for optimal results. Using the combination of the two techniques I will be able to achieve fast improvements in chronically tight areas, frees the muscles to develop and increases client's biomechanical efficiency.

Walking massage is done exclusively with the feet. By using the body weight the practitioner is able to achieve fast improvements in chronically tight areas. The amount of weight used is modified according to the client so that it is not painful.

Assisted Resistance stretching is a new system of bodywork used to remove amounts of dense fascia (a plastic like material that surrounds your muscles and other soft tissues) improving posture and increase freedom of movement. The fascia's rubber band like qualities return the body to its original position after being elongated.

Most people say that they feel taller and that they can move more freely after these sessions.

Resistance stretching can help with the following:

Sciatica, General Back / Hip / Neck Pain, IT Band Syndrome, Piriformis Syndrome, Runners / Swimmers Knee, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Golfers / Tennis Elbow, Frozen Shoulder, Reduce Muscle Pains, and Breathing Issues.


One-to-One Personal Training

I am a qualified Moving Stretch Level 1 Self Stretching trainer.

Having trained directly under Moving Stretch creator and founder Suzanne Wylde, I am passionate about sharing this ground breaking new way to stretch, which is unique and distinct from of traditional stretching techniques.

By providing resistance during the stretch, we engage and reshape the fascia; releasing the body from pain, stiffness, and limitation. This helps to create a naturally healthy body, which is strong, flexible and fully functional.

In a 1-on-1 session, I will take you through a variety of stretches to assess your flexibility and mobility, and then tailor-make the session according to your needs and goals. It is common to have a goal or two in mind, but this is not necessary to have before starting to stretch. Common goals include; improving posture, relieving pain, boosting mobility, improving performance, or just want to touch your toes.


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"EXCELLENT! I have had lower back pain for three years. Just one session with Debs made a difference straight away. By doing the daily exercises I am able to maintain the new reduced pain and increased flexibility. Exercise are easy to fit into everyday life. Fascia stretching with Debs is an investment in my daily well being - worth every penny." Liz Mcdonald


"In 36 years of training (and making excuses for not training!) my body has never said thank you every time I stretch - until now. With Debs help, I have refocused my regime by including 'Moving Stretch' to assist body alignment and strength alongside my exercise classes. It has helped me enormously to move more freely and with a lightness of step - improving everything from yoga to spin. After years of driving and computer work my arms were permanently bent at the elbow - no more, thanks to just a few sessions of Moving Stretch. Debs makes the sessions fun but ensures proper alignment for maximum benefit - no cheating allowed! I include a few of the stretches during my day as well, when making coffee or as a screen break. It is easy to fit in as you just need a few minutes for each stretch. We are all different but try it. I think you will be glad you did...." SG