Clare Molyneux
Personal Trainer

About Me

Having spent nearly 30 years working in Education I consider myself to be a very motivated learner and committed to finding my next challenge. I love to share my enthusiasm for all things running with others and help them achieve and see their fitness and running confidence grow.

What I Can Offer

  • Through personal training sessions my focus is to give you the time and space to make YOUR health and well-being your number 1 priority. Whatever your reasons for wanting to exercise - to lose weight, move more easily, get fitter or simply de-stress, I believe learning to ENJOY your exercise is the key!
  • As a running coach I work with both groups and 1:1 clients and have a belief that anybody can be a runner. I work with runners of all ages and abilities.
  • I am able to pass on to my clients my own experiences of developing balanced gym based programmes targeting flexibility, mobility, strength and endurance which can then be applied to personal lifestyles and goals.
  • I love the outdoors and trail running is what gives me the 'buzz'. I have completed multiple marathons, ultra marathons and mountain runs and am always on the lookout for a new challenge.
  • I have a practical approach to nutrition for endurance athletes which has proved successful over multiple events for both myself and clients. Specific event planning and preparation is part of my skill set.
  • I love exploring the use of technology in tracking client progress both through numerical data & the use of self evaluative tools through coaching over time. I am an unashamed gadget geek and thrive on Goal focused training.
  • As one of the growing number Breast Cancer survivors I specialise in rehabilitation into a more active lifestyle following illness and have first hand experience of some of the challenges faced post surgery.
  • Nordic walking is an option if running is not for you, or you have some issues with mobility/injury which inhibits activity. Ideal for the more mature client and a way of keeping up a rigorous cardio workout in the great outdoors.
  • Having spent the majority of my professional career working with children I have a strong belief in the value of PLAY in exercise and I endeavour to pass this on to my clients both in the gym and through running.
  • As a trained GRAVITY coach, I like to use this innovative piece of kit to enhance training sessions and target specific rehab needs.

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