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Clare Molyneux
Personal Trainer

Having spent nearly 30 years working in Education I consider myself to be a very motivated learner and committed to finding my next challenge. I love to share my enthusiasm for all things running with others and help them achieve and see their fitness and running confidence grow.

I have experience in running all distances from 5k fun runs, to 10k trail and road, half marathons, full marathons and ultra marathons including the massive challenge of the double marathon, 'Race to the King', along the South Downs Way. Trail running is my passion and whenever possible I leave the treadmill and head for the outdoors and the hills.

I started New Energy Runners after qualifying as a UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness, and have since gone on to achieve the UKA Endurance Coach qualification which has led to branching out into 1:1 coaching.

I take a holistic approach to running and firmly believe in the benefits of getting stronger so you can run faster and for longer. The running group works in partnership with the NEF team where there is quality support in strength and conditioning work to help all runners, at whatever level, achieve their personal goals.

I believe anybody has the potential to be a runner and aim to provide quality sessions where people can learn to run safely, efficiently, stay injury free and, most importantly, have fun whatever their ability or ambition when it comes to running.