Unleash Your Core

Saturday 18th June

with Natasha Thomas

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Creating a strong core is worth its weight in gold! As well as improving your posture, decreasing the potential for injury and reducing back pain, having a powerful core is your body's support system.

Come to the first in a series of core workshops and learn how to make the most of your core, as Tasha introduces you to the principles of how to strengthen your abs and lower back, unlocking powerful changes in your body!

You will be taken through a journey from the theory to the practical! Learn about:

➡️ The different areas of your core muscles and their function.

➡️ The importance of good breathing technique.

➡️ How to put together an effective core routine with just 10 minutes, 3 times per week.

➡️ A 30-40 minute core blast session breaking down everything you have learned today.

➡️ The foundations for a 6 week challenge to get you feeling your best in time for summer!

If you take on what you've learned in this session and put it into practice yourself, you will benefit from:

✅ Standing taller with better posture.

✅ A healthy supported back, designed to offset the damage caused by long periods sat down.

Balance and stability as your core enables you to move in any direction with flexibility.

✅ Improved mind-body connection. When you do core exercises it stimulates a particular area in the brain called the cerebellum which affects coordination, spatial awareness and balance.

Pain relief from movement and a greatly decreased chance of injury.

This will all be put into practice during this hour and a half session. It designed for all abilities and levels of fitness, you don't need any prior experience, as Tash guides you through a fun and engaging session.

Key Details

  • This workshop will take place on Saturday 18th June 2022.
  • It will start at 2pm and finish at approximately 3:30pm.
  • Your teacher is Natasha Thomas.
  • It is priced at £25 per person (or £20 for members of New Energy Fitness).