Go Explore Trail Run

Trail running is the very best way to get out in nature and boost both your physical and well-being. Our series of three workshops are based out in the countryside around Winchester and are designed to give less experienced runners a great starting point for learning trail running techniques out in the wild!

The New Energy Fitness 'How to trail run' workshops are aimed at any runner with a base level of fitness of 5-7k who wants to run the trails but doesn’t know where to start.

The uneven terrain of trails presents you with different challenges to paved surfaces. Common obstacles including rocks, logs and roots and always the unexpected dog or mountain biker to keep you on your toes. Working on your trail-running-specific technique can help you negotiate this type of terrain - most if all it’s FUN.

The series of guided runs will be between 6-8k with guidance on trail running shoes, gear for all weathers, nutrition, finding good (and safe) routes locally and working on specific trail running technique.

All runs will have a different starting point a mile or so out of Winchester (details on sign -up) and you’ll find that once you’ve run the trails you’ll never look back!

  • Sunday 19th January 2020
  • 09:30 - 11:30
  • Clare Molyneux
  • £30New Energy Fitness members save £5