Fit for Life

A course to develop functional strength and movement

This is a 6-week course, on Mondays and Wednesdays, 2pm - 3pm, aimed at those aged 60+.


You may not be aware, but as you age your body can experience up to a 50% decrease in muscle mass. This loss of muscle contributes largely to strength decreases of 20-40% in adults above 60. With those decreases in strength, the ability to move independently and enjoy various aspects of life can become increasingly challenging. Not to mention poor strength and mobility are directly correlated to a risk of falls incidences in later life.

HOWEVER, there is GOOD news! In recent years there have been many studies researching training in individuals aged 60+ and the results are VERY positive. In resistance based programmes that combine various training types (power, balance, strength, conditioning etc) results have included improved outcomes in; physical autonomy, cognitive function, mobility/flexibility, cardiorespiratory fitness and quality of life. In conjunction with many positive increases the studies have also found beneficial decreases in mental health symptoms, body weight, BMI and falls risk, just to name a few.

With all this information in mind and a commitment to improving individual’s lives, here is where New Energy’s ‘Fit For Life’ programme becomes key.

The ‘Fit For Life’ programme is designed to help you learn the basics of resistance training safely and effectively in a controlled environment. By performing structured resistance training and movement effectively you will increase functional strength, balance and mobility. This in turn will help you continue living an active and healthy lifestyle.

The overall goal is to empower YOU to learn the techniques of resistance training and how this can be the BEST preventative health measure there is. The sessions will be varied with an atmosphere where training can be fun, effective and enjoyable with your peers. Why not bring a friend along to join the journey!

Your schedule

Week 1
Initial movement assessment and instruction on; effective warm up, muscle activation, joint stabilisation and basic strength movements.

Week 2
Building the foundation of movements and incorporating those movements into a structured program. Key focus; strength and mobility.

Week 3
Consistent and confident execution of exercises and how functional training translates into everyday life. Key focus; effective functional training and real life applications.

Week 4
Progression of exercises and increasing variety within training programme. Key focus; power movements and knowing how/when to safely progress.

Week 5
Continuation of structured training with the addition of conditioning exercises. Key focus; improving fitness by combining styles and intensities of training.

Week 6
Technique and programme review along with final testing and assessment. Key focus; how you have improved and where to next.


At the end of the 6 weeks you WILL have improved FITNESS, CONFIDENCE and OVERALL HEALTH, thanks to:

  • Increased strength and movement quality.
  • Greater joint stability, mobility and balance.
  • Tailored teaching backed by the latest information in peer-reviewed exercise science.
  • A positive and encouraging learning environment, designed to be FUN!
  • Monday 14th October 2019
  • 14:00 - 15:00
  • Dylan Clarke
  • £144New Energy Fitness members save £22