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The ultimate indoor cycling experience, in our dedicated Spin room! Push yourself hard to the high energy music as our motivational instructors guide you through the course.

Spinning provides an intense cardio workout which is ideal for burning fat and increasing all round fitness.

The best thing about Spin classes is that they can cater to all ability and fitness levels simultaneously. You control your own resistance and speed allowing you to continuously make progress whilst still being able to keep up with the class.

Spinenergy vs Abs

This class also includes a 15 minute section of Ab exercises to tighten up your stomach muscles. Spin classes can cater to all ability and fitness levels simultaneously.

Spinenergy Luminous

With a combination of stimulating lights and high energy music, this class will push your motivation to new levels as you work hard burning calories and having fun!

Begin to Spin

For beginners or those that haven't attended a Spin class for a while.

Spinenergy Express

A shorter more intense version of the class, perfect to fit into your schedule before work or during lunchbreaks.

Spinenergy Performance

Take your Spin technique to the next level with this advanced class.

Spinenergy Strength

A shorter more intense spin class that still gives a great calorie burn, with the added bonus of some strength work at the end to give a more full body workout.

"It's a really important part of my week. Particularly on a Monday morning when I'm not always feeling motivated. The instructors are great at energising and motivating us. I always leave feeling exhausted but alive with a grin on my face. Helen and Lily are both great with technique and the choice of music great!"

Clare Nichols