Classical Pilates with a modern twist

What is it?
Pilates is a mat based, low impact fitness class that improves posture, flexibility and strengthens the core.

What can I expect?
Each Pilates class provides a collection of different exercises to strengthen and stretch the body. The main focus of the class is on the core muscles which improves your posture, whether sitting, standing or lying. By working these core muscles during the class, you will find you are much more stable in the body throughout everyday situations. Also strengthening weak muscles and lengthening shortened ones we rebalance the body. Exercises are carried out in slow, flowing movements using the breath to relax into the movement.

What are the benefits of the class?
Improved posture, flexibility, joint mobility, boosted immune system, relief from back pain, core strength and relaxation.

How hard will it be?
This class is suitable for all. Great for those who are beginners and/or suffer with back pain. However, if you suffer from back problems it is recommended that you consult a doctor before commencing any exercise programme.