What is it?
Get happy with Sam and fight your way fit with a super fun boxercise class! We provide the gloves and pads, you provide the enthusiasm! Boxercise brings lots of good energy getting your heart rate up, a full body workout, paired work and boxing combinations.

What can I expect?
A training session that targets your upper body and core strength also includes new boxing techniques mastering your jabs, hooks and uppercutters overall challenging your body in a new exciting way.

What are the benefits of this class?
If you're looking to increase your fitness levels, let off some steam, make new friends and also push yourself to the limits with some dynamic movements then this class is most definitely for you.

How hard will it be?
You can go at your own pace but have a choice of high intensity. There is something for everyone in this class and beginners are always welcome!


NOTE: You will need to purchase hand protector inner gloves from reception at £10 or bring your own gloves for the session.

"Full body workout, upper body work, good fun!"

Steve Hutchings