Body Sculpt

What is it?
A light weight, high repetition toning class.

What can I expect?
Working with a weighted bar and motivating music, you will pump, squat, lunge and press your weighted bar in time to the beat.

What are the benefits of the class?
Tone up your entire body as you work every single muscle group in this class. This class is great for fat burning and you can burn on average 350 calories in 45minutes.

How hard will it be?
This is a mixed ability class and low impact, you can choose how heavy you want your bar and how hard you want to work. Suitable for beginners to group exercise.

"I love this class, mainly due to the instructors - Helen and Natasha. With their encouragment and the music, it's fun and the exercises work. You can work at your own level and feel great!"

Alyson Elms