Barre Concept

What is it?
A ballet inspired fitness workout.

What can I expect?
Taking aspects of Ballet and blending it together with an aerobics class. Barre Concept is the best of both for those looking to have a dance and fitness workout.

What are the benefits of the class?
Strong and toned legs and butt. This class is also great for improving posture. You will burn on average 350 calories in a 45-minute class.

How hard will it be?
This is a mixed ability class. However not recommended for anyone with knee issues due to the amount leg work.

"This class is so hard but Abby always seems to get us through with her positive and fun attitude! I've had comments from friends saying how I have a much better posture lately which is great news. Thanks Abby - I'll be back for more!"

Anita Neale