Motivation - what to do when it has gone

written by Alys Weeks

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That's it, you've made the decision. You're going to get fit, you're going to lose a couple of kgs, you're going to exercise a number of days a week.

The motivations there, you've joined the gym, you've signed up to classes, you've food shopped for the week ahead. Motivation is at an all time high and then it starts to dwindle.

Motivation is our driving force to maintain or achieve goals, it's usually what makes us start something but more often that not motivation starts to fall and like most things will ebb and flow. Motivation can come in many forms but essentially can be narrowed down to intrinsic - self-fulfilment, passion, autonomy and extrinsic- social recognition, gaining a tangible reward, avoiding disapproval.

Studies show that the best form of reaching a goal is through valuing the outcome enough to make it a priority with intrinsic motivators being superior for long term goal achievement.

What is your driving force

This is vital because you're going to need to refer back to it often throughout your journey. So maybe your goal is to lose a few kgs and get fitter, a great extrinsic goal enabling you to be healthier. Intrinsically by working towards these you can also be working on your competency - your ability to move better, giving you increased value for when the motivation starts to flag.

How to keep going when it's not there

Understand the benefits to be had from your goals and acknowledge that they are bigger that your barriers to overcome. Remind yourself of these, write them down, speak them out loud, tell them to a friend/family member. Take the time to think about your why often.

Repeat that again- your goal is bigger than your barriers to overcome

As your window of prep time decreases so does your chances of success -if you haven't thought about your dinner until its 7pm and you're starving your ability to make goal conscious decisions is significantly impacted. Your food choices and time is limited with the potential to eat passed fullness.

By increasing your prep time to the day before- pre-planning meals for the next day (this doesn't have to necessarily include meal prepping) you have time to acknowledge barriers (late finishing work), make a suitable food choice (quick, easy, heathy meal) and time to buy the ingredients. The same is said for the gym, the less barriers you have to get in for the workout the easier it is- block out the chuck of time in your calendar, take your gym clothes to work with you, pre-plan your session.

Add a little bit of love

We can't all enjoy working out all the time and sometimes you're doing it for your goals not for passion. Find aspects which you love to build around

Community- you enjoy the social chat thats goes along with an early morning Max HIIT class

Routine- every Sunday morning gym session before heading to a cafe for a cuppa

Add the fun bit at the end- I enjoy practicing handstands but will do them at the end making sure I get my structured training in first and finish with a bit of fun!

Funky Tunes and Friends - my favourite dance tunes on and maybe a mate to come along with me

Your motivation will come and go but your belief in the benefit is what will lead you to success!

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Written by Alys Weeks and published on Monday 4th April 2022 at 14:02

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