4 Compelling Reasons to Pick-Up a Kettlebell

written by Matt Cresswell

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Check out our top four benefits of kettlebell training and perhaps we will convince you to pick one up for your next workout!

1) Time-Saving Full-Body Training

Kettlebells are incredibly versatile and nearly every exercise you do with them engages muscles throughout the whole of your body which makes your workout incredibly time-efficient!

The dynamic, flowing nature of a kettlebell workout is best described as 'in action' weight training, working the body and building strength from multiple angles. This functional full-body style is unlike typical weight training which typically works muscle groups in isolation.

2) Amazing Calorie-Burn

In a study carried out by the American Council on Exercise, they found that the average calorie burn per minute during a kettlebell workout is 20 calories, which equates to as much as 400 calories per 20 minute workout! This is the equivalent of running a 6 minute mile - pretty good going!

What’s more, kettlebell training is often high intensity, so you have the after-burn effect as well. This means that you will be burning calories at a higher rate long after your workout has finished.

3) Explosive Core Strength

The explosive, powerful nature of a kettlebell swing stimulates the abdominal muscles incredible well.

Core strength and stability is crucial to good posture, strength and mobility. Which is why so many athletes train with kettlebells, as a powerful core gives them the ability to switch directions, twist, turn, accelerate or decelerate - with increased effectiveness and with less risk of injury.

And for your everyday office worker? A strong core will benefit you even more as it helps prevent and reverse the postural damage of a sedentary day spent sitting down. You will stand straighter and taller, no more hunched shoulders and back pain!

4) Athletic Lean Physique

The advantages of kettlebell training extend to body aesthetics, sculpting a lean, toned and firm physique. If you're not after massive muscle bulk then this type of training is a great way to get the ‘athletic look’.

If you’re new to fitness you’ll gain muscle quickly, while more experienced gym-goers will notice how well it works on your weaknesses and imbalances, improving strength, movement and coordination.

If you have been weight training for a while, then incorporating kettlebells into your routine can can help you to get past your sticking points!

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Photo of the author

Written by Matt Cresswell and published on Tuesday 16th November 2021 at 12:00

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