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4th April 2022 by Alys Weeks

Motivation - what to do when it has gone

The motivations there, you've joined the gym, you've signed up to classes, you've food shopped for the week ahead. Motivation is at an all time high and then it starts to dwindle...

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19th January 2022 by Liz Knowles

Does Your Scar Bother You?

It’s rare for people to be given any advice on how to manage their scar (wherever it may be), the focus is on the immediate wound healing and avoiding infection.

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3rd January 2022 by Stephanie Colson

5 Tips for Stealing Back Your Motivation

It was as if Covid didn’t only take my busy schedule, it confiscated my personal progress and goals and I didn’t even notice... until I got them back.

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8th December 2021 by Alys Weeks

Squat Improvements

Read about Alys' tips and tricks on how she improved her Squat.

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16th November 2021 by Matt Cresswell

4 Compelling Reasons to Pick-Up a Kettlebell

Check out our top four benefits of kettlebell training and perhaps we will convince you to pick one up for your next workout!

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8th November 2021 by Clare Molyneux

COVID Comeback

A personal journey from our PT and Run Coach Clare Molyneux.

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